Monday, November 12, 2012

Behind the Goose!

I was doing a little cleaning today and ran across this rough draft of the Halloween 2012 Mongoose comic strip. Instead of tossing it out I figured I would snap a pic and share it with everyone. After all, who doesn't like a nice "behind the scenes" event once in a while? Sometimes the strips are actual conversations we have had, sometimes they are holiday or event specific and sometimes they are just random acts of hilarity. They can be his concept, my concept or a collaboration. We don't always have a storyboard on paper, sometimes we just discuss what we want and sometimes one of us just has a rough concept. I drew the storyboard for the Halloween 2012 strip with a basic panel layout and a several generalized storyline ideas and a couple of thoughts for the speech bubbles. (Check out Halloween 2011, this one was Richard's creation.) When the storyboard or basic idea is complete, Richard works his magic and creates the digital wonder that appears in the blog for all to see. As you can tell from comparing the storyboard to the final published version, there are some changes to the character positioning and even some of the wording has changed.

Mongoose Comic Cartoon
Hopefully you enjoyed this little sneak peek into our creation of the Mongoose comic strip. We hope you find them as entertaining to read as we find them to create.  Leave us a comment below on what you think Mongoose should tackle next. Thanks again for reading!!

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